Sarah Rickerd is a freelance blogger and web content strategist based in Grand Rapids, MI.

sarah_smallSarah got her start writing for the web back in 2007, when her first client purchased a website she’d built and asked her to continue writing for their other internet properties.  Within a year, Sarah had turned this single contract into an agency called New Arbor Enterprise that employed 7 writers and turned out more than 2,000 web articles a year.  In 2010, New Arbor Enterprise closed its doors in order to allow Sarah to focus exclusively on a smaller number of select clients.

In 2011, one of these clients – Single Grain Digital Marketing – brought Sarah on full-time as Content Manager for all company web properties and client websites.  Working with well-known marketers Neil Patel, Sujan Patel and AJ Kumar, Sarah further refined her web writing skills while developing content for clients including Tim Ferriss, Gist, Yast, Hostgator, Bluehost, Intuit and others.

Sarah took the skills she honed working with Single Grain to her next position as the Director of Marketing for Frazer Consultants, one of the top software providers to the death care industry.  In this capacity, Sarah was responsible for all marketing messages disseminated through blog posts, press releases, magazine articles, trade shows, email blasts, direct mailings and print ads. As the result of her efforts, social media engagement increased by 928%, sales efficiency was improved through the launch of new marketing automation systems, and the company enjoyed its most successful trade show ever.

A move back closer to family brought Sarah back to her real love – working directly with clients to improve their online presence through the creation of high value content – in November 2014. Since then, the Arbor Business Writing team has grown to include 8 writers, 2 editors and 1 administrative assistant, all of whom are committed to serving clients with custom content that meets the needs of today’s sophisticated consumers.

Here’s what sets Sarah and the Arbor Business Writing team apart:

  • Solid marketing knowledge. Sarah isn’t just a writer – she’s a marketer as well.  Sarah understands how to write content that pulls readers in and practically forces them to buy.  She’s comfortable working across different digital mediums in order to create a consistent, cohesive message that’s as engaging as possible to potential customers.
  • Dedicated focus on your project. Sarah understands that all projects run on a critical time schedule.  That’s why she only takes on a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure that your project is completed on-time and to your specifications.
  • Work with a talented team. Having access to a talented team of writers makes it possible for Sarah’s team to produce expert-level content on any subject. All of the members of the Arbor Business Writing team have been thoroughly vetted and exhaustively trained, creating a “hands-off” process that delivers high-end content without the administrative hassle of endless revisions.
  • Impeccable English language skills. All of the writers on the Arbor Business Writing team are native English speakers, and every piece of content is reviewed by at least two sets of eyes, virtually eliminating minor mistakes that might otherwise slip through the cracks.  Sarah guarantees her work to be free of spelling and grammar errors, and offers unlimited rewrites until you’re 100% satisfied.

Ready to hire Sarah for your web content project?  Contact her today to get started!